An All Nippon Airways' Boeing 767-300 aircraft was damaged after a "rough landing" at Tokyo's Narita International airport on 20 June.

The aircraft, registration JA610A, was on a Beijing-Narita service when the incident happened at 13:28 local time. Flightglobal data show that the airframe was manufactured in 2002.

During the landing the 767 bounced off the runway before coming down heavily a second time, a video recording of the incident shows.

"The flight had a rough landing when it landed at Narita's runway. After all passengers and crew were off, our mechanic checked the aircraft and found the outer panel of the aircraft's fore side of the body had been damaged," says an ANA spokeswoman.

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She adds that there were strong winds when the incident happened but it remains unclear whether the weather caused the rough landing.

The Japan Transport Safety Board is now investigating the case, and the aircraft is grounded at ANA's hangar at Narita airport.

"It is not yet decided whether we will return the aircraft to service," says the spokeswoman.

None of the 183 passengers and 10 crew onboard were injured.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news