Flightglobal has located some videos of the Boeing's 787 roll-out at Seattle's Qwest Field, a stadium and events centre.

The videos include speeches from Boeing chairman, president and CEO Jim McNerney and vice president of the 787 programme, Mike Bair.

Part 1

The cameraman takes us inside the stadium and sets the scene.

Part 2

Boeing's chairman, president and CEO Jim McNerney welcomes Boeing retirees, colleagues and VIP attendees including customers. He boasts that the 787 makes the world a smaller place and that Boeing has "taken advantage of advanced technologies to unite people from all over the world."

Part 3

Companies that partnered with Boeing, such as Subaru, Kawasaki and Mitsubishio talk about the roles they had in building the 787 airframe.

Part 4

A look at the key ingredients of the 787 including "advanced systems, avionics and electronics and technologies to enhance safety and improve efficiency for air travellers."

Part 5

Mike Bair, vice president of the 787 programme commends the 70 or so companies that worked with Boeing to produce the 787.

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Source: FlightGlobal.com