Extraordinary video images have emerged of the emergency landing by a crippled Dagestan Airlines Tupolev Tu-154M which illustrate the crew's battle to put the aircraft safely on the ground.

The surveillance camera footage from Moscow Domodedovo Airport shows the tri-jet approaching the airport's runway 32R after it suffered a multiple engine failure shortly after departing the city's Vnukovo Airport.

It is still far above the glideslope as it overflies the airport perimeter and the images show that the jet still had not touched down even after travelling more than half the length of the runway.


With limited power available - only the centre engine was operational at the time, and even this had been intermittent according to Russian investigators - the aircraft would have struggled to abort the unstable approach.

Images show that the aircraft finally makes contact with the runway near the far end, before overrunning. The jet subsequently broke up, killing two of those on board.

Flight 372 had been operating from Moscow to Makhachkala on 4 December.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news