Moller International is set to offer a car for the future for sale by marketing its saucer-shaped aircraft M200 which can land and take off vertically.

The Volantor is as big as a small automobile and is able to carry two passengers. Prices are expected to be between $125,000 and $450,000 depending on final order volumes.

The “skycar” company has developed several personal vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts since its foundation in 1983; M400 Skycar flying with 330 mph are on sale from September 2005.

Although the prototype M200X has completed over 200 tests since 1989, the new Jetsons-like aircraft will be initially available only in such models that do not require FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) certification for the security reasons, such as for use as personal own property and paramilitary vehicles for border patrol or rescue from skyscraper.