Investigators are inspecting a Romavia British Aerospace 146-200 which suffered damage to its landing gear after touching down in bad weather at Bucharest on April 22nd.

The aircraft had been operating a domestic service on behalf of regional carrier Carpatair. It was inbound from Craiova, in the south of Romania, to the capital with 66 passengers and six crew.

VIDEO - from news source Realitatea

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A spokesman for Romavia says that the runway and taxiways were “flooded” at the time. He adds that, as the aircraft slowed to taxi, it spun around by 120°.

There were no injuries among passengers but the aircraft suffered damage to its starboard main landing-gear and came to rest listing on one side. Images from the scene suggest the aircraft’s outboard starboard Honeywell ALF502 engine also sustained impact damage.

“The aircraft is to be inspected by insurance personnel,” says the spokesman. He says the airline has opened an internal inquiry and the accident is being investigated by the Romanian ministry of transport.

 Romavia 146
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Romavia identifies the aircraft as an 18-year old example. The jet is owned by BAE Systems’ asset management division.

Bucharest weather data shows that, at the time of the accident, there were thunderstorms and rain in the area although wind speeds were relatively calm.

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VIDEO - from news source Realitatea

VIDEO - from news source Ziua 


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