Aerovironment has released a video clip of its RQ-11B Raven unmanned air vehicle (UAV) being attacked by crows while undertaking a test flight inside an urban area.

The mini-UAVs flew within the city limits of Brisbane, capital city of Australia's Queensland state on 25-27 October. The UAVs were remote controlled and were hand-launched from the riverside forecourt areas of the Brisbane Performing Arts Centre in an area of high pedestrian traffic. The UAVs then flew along a 1km (690yd) section of the 200m (655ft)-wide Brisbane River, and were required to remain over water for the 5min flights.

However, on one flight, a test Raven attracted the attention of two nearby crows, who initially squawked a territorial warning at the UAV. Unsuprisingly undeterred by the warnings, the UAVs carried on on their descent and were subsequently attacked by the crows. See the video clip below.

The UAVs were required to remain at low altitude for the duration of each sortie, airspace above the city forming part of the western approaches to Brisbane International airport.

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