The pioneering blended winglets designed by Aviation Partners will be attached for the first time to a VIP Boeing 767-300ER.

PrivatAir of Geneva, Switzerland will have the winglets installed in 2009. “PrivatAir was the first commercial operator of the BBJ and currently enjoys the benefits of our patented blended winglet Technology on two BBJ1s and a BBJ2,” says aviation Partners vice- resident of sales Gary Dunn.

PrivatAir chief operating officer Dave Kinson says: "As one of only a few operators with 180min ETOPS certification, our aircraft are often flown super-long-range.

“We will be able to benefit from the greatest possible fuel savings." The addition of blended winglets to wingtips reduce drag by up to 7%, allowing extended range,  educed fuel burn and improved performance.

So far an estimated 2 billion USgal (7.58 litres) of fuel have been saved by more than 2,000 shipsets and 2,000 more are forecast for the next four to five years.

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Source: Flight Daily News