Hamilton Sundstrand has opened its new Airplane Power System Integration 'virtual' facility in Rockford, Illinois, in readiness for developing and testing multiple systems for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Through high-speed data links with Boeing and with other Hamilton Sundstrand sites in Connecticut and California, it will operate as a virtual workspace. Engineers thousands of miles apart will have the ability to test and verify systems in a real-time, collaborative environment, simplifying the aircraft development process.

"This unique facility further enhances our systems integration capabilities and our more-electric technology, enabling us to deliver a total integrated airplane power system to the customer," says David Hess, Hamilton Sundstrand president.

The company was chosen by Boeing to provide the 787's environmental control system, electric power generation and start system, remote power distribution system, auxiliary power unit, primary power distribution system and high-voltage DC equipment racks, emergency power system, nitrogen generation system and electric pump subsystem.

In addition, Rolls-Royce chose Hamilton Sundstrand to supply the gearbox system for its Trent 1000 engine being developed for the Boeing 787.

Kidde Aerospace, which recently joined Hamilton Sundstrand, is supplying Boeing with the complete Fire Protection Systems package for the 787. Earlier this year Kidde was named as one of Boeing's Suppliers of the Year.

Source: Flight Daily News