Austrian regional carrier InterSky expects the Bombardier Q300 damaged in a power-line strike on landing at Elba to be out of service for several days.

The aircraft's right-hand propeller suffered blade damage after it hit the line while conducting a visual approach to runway 16 at Marina di Campo Airport on 1 May. Both Pratt & Whitney Canada PW123 engines continued to operate, and the aircraft touched down safely.

Meteorological conditions at the time were good, insists a spokesman for the airline. "It was clear at the airport," he says, stating that there was "perfect sight, no fog" and 10km visibility.

Marina di Campo has no instrument landing system. The approach to runway 16 involves overflying a 500ft ridge about 0.8nm from the threshold, resulting in a steep glideslope of about 5°.

While the spokesman cannot confirm the location of the strike, several electrical line supports are located under the approach path some 250-350m from the runway.

The aircraft involved, serial number 525, registered OE-LSB, remains parked at the airport. In addition to the propeller, says the airline, the fuselage also sustained damage.

"It's still in Elba," says the spokesman. "Italian officials are looking at the aircraft, doing some research.

"We don't know exactly when it will be back in service but we think it will take a week, at least."

InterSky has temporarily leased an aircraft to maintain its schedule. The carrier estimates that the incident will cost the carrier about €100,000 ($132,000).

Video images below, purportedly captured from the cockpit of an InterSky Q300, indicate the characteristics of the approach to Marina di Campo’s runway 16.


Lead image: AirTeam Images

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news