VistaJet will begin offering point-to-point services in mainland China in August, using a B-registered Bombardier Challenger 850 business jet. The Swiss VIP charter company has joined forces with Apex Air, headquartered in Nantong, Jiangsu province, and will manage the service on its behalf.

“We have been flying in and out of China for seven years, but we haven’t been able to fly internally until now,” says VistaJet’s chief operating officer, Ian Moore.

The advantages of operating B-registered aircraft within the country are numerous, and include the considerable benefit of access to more airports and landing slots than internationally registered carriers.

“This venture with Apex enhances our offering,” Moore says. “The Challenger 850, with its large cabin and transcontinental range [of 2,800nm (5,200km)] is ideal for this market.”

The service has received an enthusiastic welcome. Moore attributes its early success to the country’s current climate of austerity. “With our service, clients can travel anonymously. You can’t do that if you own your own aircraft,“ he says.

VistaJet expects the Chinese market to grow by around 30% in 2015 and it plans to add another Challenger 850 to the B-register at the end of the year. “If there is even more demand, we will push for extra aircraft,” Moore says.

“There are typically six VistaJet aircraft flying around Asia at any given time. But we could position all 53 of our aircraft there, if required.”