Fifty-seven engine nozzles and turbines have been ordered from Volvo Aero for the Ariane 5 engine programme. FiatAvio placed the order for four liquid oxygen (LOX) turbines for the Vulcain 1 cryogenic first stage engine and 19 LOX turbines for the new Vulcain 2. The company is also developing the 17 nozzles and 17 liquid hydrogen (LH) turbines for the Vulcain 2 engine, which will be introduced in 2002.


Under separate work, Volvo is developing the LOX and LH turbines for the new cryogenic upper stage Vinci engine for a more powerful Ariane 5 version.

The new nozzle for the Vulcain 2 has also been adopted for a new US engine, the Rocketdyne RL-60. The design is based on a double-walled sandwiched nozzle which is cooled by circulating liquid oxygen. The Vulcain is traditionally regeneratively cooled by liquid oxygen circulating in radial pipes on the upper part of the nozzle. The new design is more robust but saves weight, is more efficient and takes considerable less time to produce.


"We have had 25 years' experience working on the Ariane programme," says Bjorn Astrand, general manager of Volvo Aero. "The company has produced over 1,000 combustion chambers for the Ariane 4 Viking engines since 1978 and the work gave us much insight into nozzle technology." Its reputation worldwide led to the company providing technology for the RL-60, which is an upper stage engine of the Atlas V and Delta IV. This work provided the development experience in the laser-welded, channel technology for the sandwiched nozzle.

Source: Flight Daily News