Meggitt Defence Systems is a market leader in new generation threat simulation and training products with Voodoo, a pre-programmable aerial target system with GPS-based self-navigation, operating at airspeeds from 97-320kt (180-600km/h) over more than 2h.

The unmanned air vehicle (UAV) can carry a wide range of payloads including infrared and chaff countermeasure dispensing pods and tow targets and can be equipped with acoustic or Doppler radar scoring systems for real-time evaluation of weapon and operator effectiveness.

The Norwegian Material Command ordered the piston-engine target for a joint training exercise with the Portuguese and Danish navies during which targets were successfully engaged and destroyed.

The division recently launched the GT400, a towed target that becomes a glider when released for combat engagement. Like Voodoo, this challenges the economics and performance of jet-powered drones.

Source: Flight Daily News