Fiber optic in-flight entertainment provider Lumexis has signed an agreement with EMS Formation to design and manufacture the company's IFE servers.

"We selected Formation to design and manufacture the Server Switch Unit (SSU) optical video server," said Rich Salter, Lumexis' chief technical officer, "because their server technology will maximize reliability and performance while minimizing product life-cycle costs."

The EMS Formation Server Switch Unit (SSU) holds a four-MCU (modular component units) multi processor server that includes terrabytes of ToughDisk solid state data storage for the Lumexis Fiber-To-The-Screen IFE system.

Sam Carswell, EMS Formation chief technology officer, says the Lumexis optical video/application server weighs less than 14-pounds and will be stored as part of the electronics bay or in a cabinet depending on the aircraft.

Lumexis recently announced that it has signed an agreement to install its IFE system on a yet-disclosed full-fleet customer.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news