UK seaplane developer Warrior (Aero-Marine) is entering the unmanned air vehicle market with four variants of the six-seat Centaur 6 amphibian under development.

The aircraft will be targeted at coastguard, border and fisheries protection, environmental observation and defence markets.

Warrior flew the first “water-capable” prototype on 15 May from its US manufacturing facility in Sanford, Maine.

The company says the UAVs can take off and land on water and will “use most of the technical attributes that Warrior has developed in recent years for the Centaur 6”.

Warrior adds that “the UAVs will offer fundamental performance, wave-handling and docility advantages over existing seaplanes”.

Warrior (Aero-Marine) successfully flew its UAV prototype variant of the Centaur 6 amphibian in mid-May

Source: Flight International