Hartwell (Stand D204), part of McKechnie Aerospace of the UK, has developed what it says is the industry's first waterproof access door latch designed for commercial and corporate aircraft applications (pictured right). Designated HA1051-1, the new rotary-panel style latch was designed using a process McKechie calls Solutioneering.


The problems that a major airline was facing led to the design. The airline had significant wiring and other internal damage due to leakage of supposedly waterproof access door latches during high pressure cleaning.

The latch, capable of being fitted on any aircraft, is 100% waterproof and air-proof. It can withstand up to 7.03kg/cm2 (100psi) of water pressure and has a 500lb (225kg) load capability.

McKechie plans to offer the new latching systems to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for aircraft in development as well as seek parts manufacturing approval (PMA). It will also pursue retrofit applications on selected aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News