Delta Airlines has is now providing an electrical wiring interconnect systems (EWIS) training program to a large number of its aviation maintenance technicians as called for by new US Federal Aviation Administration rules that went into force in March.

The 24-hour course, which Delta began offering at its Atlanta headquarters in March, includes modules on wiring practices documentation, wire and bundling, and crimp terminations, says the airline.

While Delta says the practices are standard procedure in the industry, the new FAA rule requires operators to include EWIS in their maintenance programs.

Delta says its course "improves the skill level of avionics and aviation personnel in electrical wiring interconnection systems production, modification, maintenance, inspection and repair", all of which are key elements in the FAA's programs to boost the safety of aging aircraft.

Officials say line maintenance technicians are the primary audience for the course, but "almost everyone" in the maintenance organization will eventually take it due to the broad applications of electrical interconnects.

While the course is currently an in-house product, Delta says it could be taken "on the road" and offered as third-party training.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news