Aviation Plus is the name of a new service being demonstrated by the UK Met Office (Stand F7, Hall 1).

A web-based subscription service, Aviation Plus is designed to give general-aviation pilots access to a wider range of met information such as improved graphical en route weather.

Aviation Plus features radar rainfall pictures at 15min intervals, lightning observations, animated cloud images, precipitation and pressure forecasts, animated visibility forecasts, infra-red and visible-spectrum satellite pictures, a jetstream chart and three-day planning forecasts for England, Scotland and Wales.

A 30-day free trial of the service can be obtained between now and August 1 by registering at metoffice.com/aviation.

Pilots working towards the exams for PPL, CPL and ATPL licences are the target of a joint venture by the Met Office and Oxford Aviation Training.

The two organisations have produced a training package on CD-ROM and are planning to market it from October. Free demo discs are available from the Met Office stand.

Source: Flight Daily News