The Super Lynx production line at GKN Westland's UK manufacturing base took another step forward in the run-up to Paris with the first flight of the second of seven new Super Lynx being built for the German navy.

With a total of 45 airframes on order, 13 Super Lynx are in production for South Korea, while Westland is upgrading to Super Lynx standard the 17 existing German navy Sea Lynx Mk88 and eight Lynx in service with the Danish navy.

The upgrade programmes for the German and Danish aircraft are the first life extension orders to include the supply of new airframe structures into which the existing aircraft's engines, flying controls, hydraulic systems, avionics and electrical systems are transferred.

In parallel with work on existing contracts, Westland is also making rapid progress on the first Super Lynx 300. This latest variant of the Super Lynx incorporates LHTEC CTS800 engines in place of the Rolls-Royce Gem 42 that powers existing fleets.

Offering up to 30% more engine power than the Gem, the CTS800 greatly increases twin and single engine performance in high ambient temperatures.

The aircraft also incorporates a full night vision goggle compatible 'glass' cockpit with six LCD colour flat panel displays and digital core avionics.

Source: Flight Daily News