In response to Tony Kilbride's letter (Flight International, 26 February - 4 March), as an executive for a large company, I fly long-haul about six times a year mainly to the USA. After the global downturn, we decided to review our travel arrangements. Rather than stop flying business class, we reduced the amount of trips by employees.

Executives need a relaxed, well-appointed cabin with good facilities. British Airways, Virgin, United and American offer this and, of course, at a price.

My company values its employees and opts for business class as often as finances allows. An executive arriving at a meeting relaxed and well rested will benefit their company and shareholders more than if they had flown economy.

The recent "shaming" advertisement which EasyJet ran in the national newspapers listing companies who chose to send their employees business class made us more determined to avoid using low-cost airlines and to either cut down on travel or take a business class fare. Employees come first.

Claire Curtis

Woking, UK

Source: Flight International