Sir - I was surprised by some of the statements made in your article about the Turkish air force's choice of Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) and the related radar, instead of Norden.

It would be more appropriate if the top management at Norden concentrated its efforts on the proper marketing of its products, rather than getting into a slinging match with the Israelis.

Norden did not offer to supply the vital source code for the radar, rendering it practically useless. The same was the case when a US company refused to supply the source codes for an electronic countermeasures system: in the end the contract went to a company who would supply them.

I would appreciate it if Mr. Anderson [Norden's APG-76 marketing manager] would clarify where "unfair trade practices employed by the Turks" arise.

If Mr. Anderson fails to substantiate the claim, I doubt very much whether Westinghouse Norden will find any new opportunities in the Turkish market in the coming years.


Izmir, Turkey

Source: Flight International