WILCOX ELECTRIC "...remains confident of its ability to deliver a Wide Area Augmentation System [WAAS] that meets all of the US Federal Aviation Administration's requirements", says the US-based Thomson-CSF subsidiary

In its first public statement since the FAA sent Wilcox a letter threatening cancellation of the troubled air-navigation system, the firm says that it "...expects to fully answer all of the FAA's questions" by the 2 April deadline (Flight International, 27 March-2 April).

Wilcox faces losing its $475 million WAAS contract because of "serious performance deficiencies". Among other things, the company failed to meet, the 4 December 1995, WAAS system-design review. Shortcomings noted by the FAA are in the areas of programme management, cost/schedule reporting, invoice management, subcontracting systems engineering and hardware/software development.

Source: Flight International