Williams International has begun ground testing the uprated FJ33-19 turbofan selected for Cirrus Design's single-engined personal jet and the twin-engined ATG Javelin very light jet.

The 1,900lb-thrust (85kN) FJ33-19 is one of three engines Williams plans to certificate in 2008. The others are the 3,000lb-thrust FJ44-3AP for the single-engined PiperJet and the FJ44-4A, derated to 3,400lb for the twinjet Cessna Citation CJ4. Ground testing of the FJ33-19 and FJ44-3AP began in August, while one FJ44-4A is flying on Cessna's Citation testbed.

Pratt & Whitney Canada, meanwhile, has run the PW535E engine for Embraer's Phenom 300 light jet at its full 3,360lb take-off thrust as it aims for certification in the third quarter of 2008. New features include full-authority digital engine control and compressor and turbine improvements to increase thrust and reduce fuel burn.

Source: Flight International