Williams starts trial runs on small FJ33 turbofan engine

Williams International has begun test runs on its FJ33 small turbofan.

The engine operated "well above" its 1,200-1,500lb (5.3-6.7kN) thrust rating during its first ground run in late July, the company says.

The FJ33 is under development to power new light business jets in the 2,300-4,100kg (5,000-9,000lb) gross weight class.

Announced applications include the Century Aerospace CA-100 and Aerostar Aircraft FJ-100 twinjets. Engine certification is set for 2002.

The engine incorporates technology from Williams' established FJ44 small turbofan and its 700lb thrust-class FJX.

Features include a low-noise swept wide-chord fan and high-work core.

Williams International, based in Walled Lake, Michigan, says the first production-configured FJ33 has bettered weight and specific fuel consumption targets and demonstrated low vibration and oil consumption.

Source: Flight International