Italian airline Wind Jet is seeking to establish a second base within the country for one of the Piaggio P180 Avanti IIs operated by its fledgling VIP offshoot Platinum Line.

The move is designed to attract new customers and raise awareness throughout Italy of its VIP-configured twin-engined turboprops. A shortlist of two cities - Rome and Milan - has been drawn up and a decision is expected in June.

Platinum Line was launched in November 2009 with a focus on high-end executives and travellers in the southern Italian market, where it is headquartered.

"We are the first business aircraft company in Sicily," says Wind Jet Platinum Line. "Southern Italy is packed with airports that are not served by the national airlines so we offer a convenient alternative for many executives."

The Catania-based company admits, however, that the take-up for its service has been slower than expected, forcing it to locate one of its two Avanti IIs in the thriving business centres of either Rome or Milan.

"With a base in northern Italy we could also attract customers from other European countries," says Wind Jet Platinum Line, which is eyeing Austria, Croatia, France and Switzerland.

Source: Flight International