Star Wars got it wrong. No way would those flying Skywalkers use clunky headsets when they could hear through their jawbones instead. Danish company Terma (Hall 3, F1) has created an ultra light headset with no boom, earcups or headband that cuts out background sound and weighs less than 10 grams.

Terma bone conducting technology converts vibrations in the jaw to speech and excludes ambient noise. Built in earpiece microphones safeguard the user's hearing and are compatible with intercom systems. Acoustic filters allow human voices to bypass the noise protection and the volume can adjusted for each ear separately. There is no sound distortion from breathing or microphone movement, and no need to remove the headset when wearing an oxygen mask, doing a walk around or eating and drinking.

With average noise levels of 80db in a large jet cockpit, the technology both improves VHF communications clarity and reduces the risk of tinnitus. Says Terma.


Source: Flight Daily News