Guglielmo Marconi would be pleased "wireless" is making a comeback.

Gulfstream is offering a new wireless Local Area Network (LAN) for its aircraft cabins that allows passenger computing, communications and entertainment without cumbersome cables and leads.

The LAN will let passengers link their laptop computers with others in the cabin via a LAN server, a mail server and a printer/fax. This will give instantaneous connectivity and full data encryption.

"We believe this will be an extremely popular option for Gulfstream customers seeking the latest in airborne offices," says Joe Walker, Gulfstream¹s senior vice-president of worldwide sales. This latest innovation keeps Gulfstream at the forefront of applied technology. The company already uses advanced avionics on its flight decks and recently introduced its Enhanced Vision System (EVS) for increased safety at night and in poor weather conditions.

Source: Flight Daily News