Tarbes Advanced Recycling & Maintenance Aircraft (Tarmac) Aerosave has begun work on constructing its first aircraft dismantling facility at France's Tarbes-Ossun airport.

The work had originally been due to begin last September and the facility will now become operational in the "second half" of this year, versus the original mid-year start announced at last year's Paris air show.

Tarmac Aerosave is a joint venture created by Aéroconseil, Airbus, Equip'Aéro, SITA, Snecma Services and TASC Aviation, offering services for the recycling of materials from retired aircraft.

As well as dismantling, other services such as short-term storage will be offered to all operators, civil or military, at its facility that will be able to store up to 22 aircraft and even handle Airbus A380s or Boeing 747s.

The company, which plans to set up additional facilities around the world, estimates that annual demand for dismantling civil aircraft could reach 300 units.

"The services offered...should enable aeronautical companies to prepare for the evolution of European [Union] law concerning the recycling of end-of-life products. Its partners will be able to recover reusable equipment and parts, in total respect of aviation security and environmental rules, while ensuring traceability of spare parts," says Tarmac Aerosave, referring to the expected extension of European Union end-of-life vehicle laws from cars to aircraft.

Two of TARMAC Aerosave's founding companies, Airbus and SITA France Groupe Suez, were involved in the EU's Process for Advanced Management of End-of-life of Aircraft (Pamela) project.

Starting in March 2005 and ending in October 2007, Pamela's goal was to demonstrate that by 2015 85% of an aircraft's parts could be re-used, recovered or recycled. Pamela and the creation of Tarmac Aerosave were supported by the French ministry of defence.

Source: FlightGlobal.com