Quizmas comes but once a year – which is just as well considering how tough Uncle Roger’s festive brain teaser is! But fear not, there’s a few easy ones that even your chief-executive could answer, not to mention Their Airships.
So lash down the laptop, box-up the BlackBerry, throw another dog – sorry log – on the fire and call finals for this year’s contest. If you have read Flight International every week this year, and particularly your Uncle’s highly valued page, you can have an automatic pass to go flying.
Maximum score is 171, so anything over 160 and “arise Sir Brian!”
Anything over 150 consider yourself a Total Aviation Person (TAP).
Between 120 and 150 go up front to the pointy end and ask Captain Speaking to move over.
Between 80 and 120 ask to borrow Monty Orangeball’s Big Book Of Planes.
Less than 80, avoid the chief flying instructor for a week or so – unless, of course you are the CFI.
Either that, or take over as Top Kneddy in the Ministry of Big Planes. Good luck, have fun and a Happy New Year to you all.

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Source: Flight International