The Aermacchi Yakovlev AEM/YAK-130 jet trainer has flown at 41 degrees angle of attack, during recent test flights in Italy.

The 30 flights, which ended on 31 January, expanded the aircraft's low-speed high-angle-of-attack envelope, as well as testing improvements to the aerodynamic configuration, and the high alpha safety of the variable camber/leading edge extension configuration.

According to Aermacchi, the aircraft, the second prototype, also flew at 35 degrees alpha in stabilised flight and displayed good engine behaviour. Landing configuration was flown up to 28° alpha, and the pilot used the fly-by-wire system in "direct link" mode, giving no stability augmentation. Maximum speed achieved was Mach 0.9.

The aircraft will return to Russia for Russian air force maintenance and evaluation at the Akhtubinsk and Armavir flight test centres.

Source: Flight International