Yakovlev is close to securing finance from the Russian Government for the manufacture of four prototypes of the Yak/ AEM-130 advanced trainer/light fighter. The aircraft is being developed with Aermacchi of Italy.

Nickolay Dolzhenkov, Yakovlev technical director and programme manager for the Yak/AEM-130, says an agreement between the Italian and Russian governments may be reached soon to accept the latter's contribution to the programme to underwrite part of Russia's debt to Italy.

Dolzhenkov says Aermacchi will be responsible for designing and manufacturing the wing and tail surfaces, canopy and the digital fly-by-wire system, as well as integrating the avionics and weapon systems for non-CIS customers.

Yakovlev will be responsible for the fuselage, powerplant integration, fuel system, ejection seats, flight control actuators and avionics, and weapons system integration for the CIS market.

The Russian air force is to acquire three aircraft. Orders from Ukraine and Slovakia may follow.

Source: Flight International