Russia's Yakovlev design bureau is developing unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) and unmanned reconnaissance platforms based on its Yak-130 advanced jet trainer, as well as pursuing the high-speed Voron (Raven) multipurpose system.

A design based on the Yak-130, but featuring a modified forward fuselage, has been developed as a new long-range attack unmanned air vehicle, according to Russian media reports. Designated Proryv (Breakthrough), the project is believed to include a UCAV with a maximum take-off weight (MTOW) of 10,000kg (22,000lb), including a payload of between 1,000kg and 3,000kg. A reconnaissance version dubbed Proryv-R will have a 9,800kg MTOW including a payload of 1,000-1,200kg, and offer a mission endurance of up to 20h.

The turbojet-powered Voron is being designed for storage in a ready-use container, with the 500kg-class design being considered for tri-service applications including reconnaissance, electronic warfare and attack missions. To carry a 140kg payload, the UAV will have a speed of up to 430kt (800km/h), a service ceiling of 39,400ft and an endurance of 2h.

Yakovlev is also developing the 130kg Klest reconnaissance UAV to replace the Russian armed forces' Pchela-1s.

Source: Flight International