A joint venture has been created by the Canadian light aircraft manufacturer Zenair and the Czech Aircraft Works to produce sport aircraft in the Czech Republic.

The Czech Aircraft Works is now shipping the two most popular Zenair aircraft - the Stol CH 701 and Zodiac CH 601 - and has plans to add a third model later this year.

The Stol CH 701 is an all-metal short take off and landing (STOL) light utility aircraft.

This two-seat, high-wing aircraft is equipped with fixed leading edge for maximum performance.

A sports pilot journalist was quoted as saying: "I've seen aircraft that could be flown through a hangar, but I think a really good pilot could fly a Stol CH 701 into a hangar, do a 180 and fly back out again."

The Zodiac CH 601 series - the affordable recreation aircraft for sports pilots - is now in its 12th year of production and has undergone major refinements since the introduction of the VW-powered prototype in 1984.



Both aircraft are being assembled at the new aircraft production facility in the Czech Republic, and being offered in three different stages of completion:

'Fast-build' (factory-jigged) kit form;

Factory-assembled airframe, finished and ready for installation of the engine and avionics;

Ready-to-fly factory-assembled model, with Rotax 912 engine, instruments and avionics and two-tone factory paint.

Zenair vice-president Mathieu Heintz says: "Increased worldwide demand for our aircraft has made it feasible to assemble our kits in Europe and allows us to provide additional services to our customers.

"Strategically, the Czech republic is an ideal manufacturing site, thanks to its skilled and experienced labour force, low costs and its proximity to east and western Europe."

Source: Flight Daily News