Embraer has projected that China will require 950 new regional jets over the next 20 years given the expansion of the country's aviation market and economic development.

This consists of 20 aircraft in the 30-60-seat category, 425 in the 61-90-seat category, and 505 in the 91-120 seat category.

"China's booming economy fosters the development of its regional aviation market, which generates great opportunities for players in the aviation industry," says Guan Dongyuan, president of Embraer China.

"Since the first aircraft was delivered in 2000, we have now delivered 77 out of 105 firm orders, making us the major supplier of airplanes up to 120 seats."

The Brazilian airframer also believes that the development of the high-speed train system in China calls for the industry to adapt to the changing Chinese transportation market.

"On the one hand, regional jets help airlines seek methods that will complement the HST structure by developing new business models," says Embraer.

"On the other hand, regional jets optimise the airlines' operations and expand their business scope by right-sizing fleets, developing new routes, and adding flight frequencies."

Source: FlightGlobal.com