Zodiac Aerospace has finalised its purchase of German galley manufacturer Sell.

The companies announced the acquisition in July of this year, and the purchase allows Zodiac to broaden its product offerings and move closer to one of its major customers Airbus.

Zodiac estimates Sell should be consolidated for 11 months on its fiscal 2010-2011 accounts, and generate more than €155 million (US$212 million) in additional revenue.

"It's a pleasure to welcome Sell in the Zodiac Aerospace family," says Zodiac chief executive Olivier Zarrouati. "Combining the competencies of Sell within Galleys and Galley inserts altogether with Zodiac's competencies, will significantly enhance our Group's capabilities in the field of Cabin Interiors and our positioning, when our aerospace equipments cycle is starting to recover."

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news