Aircraft Cabin Interiors

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As state-of the-art aircraft come to the fore, so aircraft cabin interior designers have the chance to set out their stalls.

Aircraft cabin interiors are big business.

Cabin interiors for the business aviation market cost considerably more than standard outfittings and with glamourous Italian fashion houses like Versace getting a slice of the action, it's hardly surprising.








PICTURE: radical seating concept to be launched at Aircraft Interiors Expo





VIDEO: Airbus concepts tour

 Go on a virtual tour of Airbus aircraft, including its Corporate Jets, A350XWB and the A380, viewing photos and videos of variations in cabin concepts aircraft 

PICTURE: Airbus VIP A380 'Flying Palace'  


PICTURES: Images of Airbus's super first class suites concept 

LOG & PICTURES: Cabin interior and take-off photos media flight of Airbus A380


PICTURES: BMW presents Bond-style Boeing cabin concept for Russian tycoon


Boeing Business Jets approached DesignworksUSA to create a conceptual 787 aircraft interior for a fictitious, affluent, Russian client in his mid-thirties



PICTURES: Versace launches super exclusive luxury business jet interiors


Versace offers bespoke interiors for the business aircraft






More about the Freedom concept

A novel aircraft seating layout described as a “radical solution” to economy-class travel was unveiled at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2007 in Hamburg on 17-19 April.

The Freedom concept, hatched by
Premium Aircraft Interior Group, creates an additional column of seats by positioning passengers in opposite directions. According to Premium, the design, “enables their shoulders to overlap, minimising the width of an armrest between each occupant”.


“We set out to humanise long-haul economy air travel and at the same time have created an entirely new seating configuration with a striking cabin aesthetic”, says Ian Dryburgh, head of Acumen Design Associates, which together with Premium make up the ‘twoHB’ partnership which designed the Freedom system.