Indonesia’s ailing aerospace manufacturing business could be revitalised if Indonesian Aerospace (IAe) goes ahead with building a new 19-seater turboprop – according to company president Nuril Fuad.
Dubbed the N219, IAe first looked at developing the aircraft in 2003, but shelved it towards the end of 2004, when it became clear that neither the necessary finance nor the international partnerships (Brunei, Malaysia and Thailand) would materialise.
However, the project has been restarted and IAe aims to launch it later this year with government and private investment.
He says: “Based on government direction, we will try to build a new 19-seat turboprop, the N219. The company is now stable and has official support.”
It will require $75 million to launch the project and the first of two prototypes is scheduled to fly in 2009.

Source: Flight Daily News