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FLIGHT 27.1.1956

US Defence Plans

America’s defence plans for her coming financial year were outlined last week in an awesome “atomic” budget laid before Congress by President Eisenhower. 50 years TNProviding for an increase of nearly a thousand million dollars in military allocations, it called for the doubling of expenditure on guided missiles; accelerated production of the B-52 inter-continental bomber and F-101, F-104 and F8U supersonic fighters; the building of a sixth Forrestal-class carrier; and the development of a nuclear power plant for the eventual istallation in vessels of that type.
Deaf Ground Crews

The United States Navy is experimenting in the employment of deaf men as jet aircraft ground crews. Tests are being made to find whether jet noise is capable of causing psychological harm to persons unable to hear it.

It is reported from Australia that the campaign for poisoning wild dogs in West Australia and Queensland, by means of poisoned meat dropped from aircraft, has been highly successful. The campaign has reduced wild dogs to the lowest number that sheep farmers ever remember.
Danish Spitfire

The Royal Danish Air Force, which is shortly to put into commission the first batch of Hawker Hunters, is to present its last Spitfire to the town council of Vaerloese for use in the children’s playground. All other Spitfires on charge are to be broken up.
Guided Weapons

It is reported from Australia that Dr. W.H. Wheeler, head of the Ministry of Supply’s staff in that continent, has said that guided weapons would probably have replaced conventional weapons within ten years. Speaking from Perth, Dr. Wheeler said he believed it would not be long before such weapons were fired from Woomera range, across Australia into the Indian Ocean.
Lockheed F-104

It is believed that this interceptor is armed with a new type of so-called “Gatling” gun – a multi-barrel weapon, thought to have a fantastically high rate of fire.

Source: Flight International