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Who’s Hoaxing Who?

Predictions about the future of aviation are fair game for flaw-finders, even when they occur in carefully considered columns of the Manchester Guardian. In an article in that newspaper’s issue for February 28th, under the strong sub-title “The Great Jet Hoax,” an air correspondent implies that the American bid to dominate the Atlantic is not really very serious. We do not think there can be many people 50 years TNwho believe that the seven transatlantic carriers who have ordered 707s and DC-8s did so “reluctantly,” finding it “virtually impossible to have any accurate knowledge of which it is they will get or even when they will get it,” and who “when taxed with their apparent folly...can only express their lack of enthusiasm in the expensive equipment they are buying...”

Low Cost Lufthansa

Lufthansa, as from April 1st, is to introduce special cheap return fares on most German domestic routes. Reductions of nearly one-third are offered. An innovation to Europe is the airline’s introduction at most of its terminals of flight dispatch officers, whose responsibility is to relieve captains of much of the paper-work associated with flight-planning.

Aerodrome Owners

Two points of special interest were noted during the speeches at the annual dinner of the Aerodrome Owners’ Association at the Hyde Park Hotel, London, on February 22nd. One was a reference by Mr. John Profumo, Parliamentary Secretary, M.T.C.A., to the future role of the helicopter in Britain: “Experience has shown that the helicopter does not look like being the answer to the problem of transporting people between London and its airport.” The future role of the helicopter might lie in inter-city travel; perhaps “as early as 1959”. The second significant point that arose concerned the possibility of a “free” Customs area at London Airport. Mr. Profumo said: “We may see something soon at London Airport that you will welcome.”

Sabres in Japan

The first squadron of Japanese jet fighters – North American F-86F Sabres – took to the air a few days ago, just under two years since the Air Self-Defence Force was set up. Eight machines, all bearing the rising sun markings, took of from Tsuiki airfield, Western Japan, and demonstrated over the base.

Source: Flight International