The Max-Viz EVS-2500 enhanced vision system (EVS) has been selected by a private Boeing 767-200 operator, prompting hopes by the Oregon-based company that the win represents a possible breakthrough into the commercial airline market.

The EVS-2500, the latest version of the EVS-2000 dual sensor infrared (IR) system family which is offered for business jets, will be mounted in the radome of the 767 by Max-Viz partners, Texas-based Nordam and the Associated Air Center of Dallas. The 767 system will use both long and short-wave uncooled IR sensors mounted in the nose above the weather radar, and display video-like images on a mutifunction display screen in the flightdeck.

The system is due to be installed later this year, and will be certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration in the second quarter of 2004. "The intent is to make this retrofittable," says Max-Viz business development director Phil Moylan, who says talks are under way with Nordam over a self-contained conversion kit. "We are getting enquiries from other 767 operators interested from a safety perspective," he adds.

Source: Flight International