Gulfstream believes the business aviation market may be reviving as interest in its aircraft begins to return.

"May was probably the most difficult month of the year for us, but the market conditions have somewhat stabilised since then. The large-cabin market is healthier than the mid-cabin, and the pre-owned inventory has flattened. There are signs of increased flight hours as well," says Roger Sperry, vice-president international sales at the General Dynamics subsidiary.

The international market is just as important as the North American market, if not more so, says Sperry.

Asia will continue to be a key segment for the company, which plans to have field representatives in China and Japan in the coming months in addition to existing personnel in Hong Kong, Singapore and India. It is also pushing to increase the availability of after-sales service centres and the spares stockpile in the region.

"We have invested substantial amounts of time and money into services spare parts over the last 10 years in the region, and we are seeing the benefits with increased sales around here. We are particularly interested in Asia and we see our presence growing in the coming years," he adds.

Source: Flight Daily News