Conversion specialist AAR Advanced Structures has received contracts for cargo-system modifications to convert both Boeing 747s and McDonnell Douglas DC-10s to full-freighter configuration.

GATX/Airlog has contracted the Livonia, Michigan based company to supply kits to convert two Boeing 747-200s, from combi to full-freighter configuration. The aircraft will be delivered to American International Airways after conversion by Mobile Aerospace.

Evergreen International Airlines has ordered a kit to convert a Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) 747 to a full freighter. The aircraft will be converted from 26-pallet to 29-pallet configuration by Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering.

AAR has previously supplied conversion kits for 23 747-100s, one -200 and ten CRAF 747s to GATX/Airlog.

AAR has also received an order from Heller Financial to design and produce a cargo-system kit to modify a DC-10 convertible freighter to a full freighter by adding a 23rd pallet position at the rear of the aircraft.

The new 4,500kg-pallet position will be centred behind two rows of 11 positions in the existing convertible configuration.

Source: Flight International