To mark the 25th anniversary of Airline Business, 25 leading airline industry executives who have helped shape the sector over the last quarter century, give their reflections on the last 25 years and the challenges for the years to come.

IATA director general and chief executive Giovanni Bisignani paints his vision of how the industry can radically change over the years ahead. He writes:

Giovani Bisignani 
"Air transport today is almost unrecognisable compared with the 1985 industry in which Airline Business was born.

Passenger numbers increased from 900 million to 2.4 billion, driven by prices that are at least 30% cheaper. Paper tickets have disappeared and check-in is now as common online or at a self-service kiosk as it is at a traditional desk. On-demand in-flight entertainment has replaced videos, and we now see internet connectivity at 30,000 feet. Three of the top 10 airlines by passengers carried in 1985 have also disappeared. Four others are merging into two. And two Chinese carriers have joined the top 10 grouping. Over the same period, employee productivity tripled while global airline revenues grew from $112 billion to $560 billion."



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