Mooney is seriously exploring the possibility of a adding a production capability in China's Henan province to build its future M10 piston aircraft.

The company, which is owned by Chinese firm Meijing Group, is likely to have some form of production in China, but is still assessing the degree of aircraft production it will undertake in the market, says Peter Claeys, vice-president of sales and marketing in the Greater China region.

"We will manufacture aircraft where we have the market," says Claeys. "Trainers are needed in this part of the world."

The company is exploring options including building aircraft in China using production kits and getting a local production certification.

"There is no aviation industry in Henan, so the government there is very receptive," adds Claeys.

Aircraft produced in China, however, would be exclusively for sale in the Asia-Pacific region. Aircraft for the USA and European markets would still be produced in the company's Kerrville, Texas factory.

Source: Flight International