US authorities have removed Abu Dhabi from a list of airports subject to stringent security measures covering electronic devices on US-bound flights.

Abu Dhabi, the base of Etihad Airways, had been one of 10 airports included in the US Department of Homeland Security prohibition.

But the department has lifted the ban on electronic devices, says Etihad, following the verification of security procedures at Abu Dhabi's pre-clearance facility for US services.

Etihad says the removal of the restriction is "effective immediately".

Passengers on flights to the USA had previously been prevented from taking large electronic devices into the aircraft cabin.

The ban is still in effect at other airports. But Abu Dhabi benefits from having a pre-clearance facility for US customs and immigration, effectively turning US-bound flights into domestic services.

Etihad serves six US cities: New York, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, Washington and Los Angeles.

US authorities have not extended the electronics ban to other airports but have ordered enhanced screening at some 280 airports from which carrier operate US flights.

Source: Cirium Dashboard