The US Army Special Operations Command, Technology Applications Programmes Office has awarded ITT Industries' Avionics division a contract to equip special ops aircraft with an advanced aircraft survivability equipment (AASE) suite which, apparently, includes a box of tracks called the ALQ-211 integrated RF countermeasures system. Your Uncle wonders what will happen when it enters service…

Blue Leader: "Uh oh…looks like a missile launch. What's that funny noise Blue Two?"

Blue Two: "Don't worry…it's just my AASE."

…talking of which. The UK Safety Regulation Group research management department chief recently gave his views to the Cabin Safety Conference on the impact of psychological hesitation on evacuation times down an escape slide from the top deck of the Airbus A380. Not wishing to confuse his learned colleagues and to avoid accusations of fence sitting, he offered this perspective: "Personally, I'd have to have my arse on fire before I'd go down it." Quite.

Source: Flight International