Computer software specialist Adobe claims that 95% of all photographic images published worldwide are touched at some time by its software packages.

These include Photoshop and Illustrator, used in the design of virtually all newspaper and magazine pages. The pictures in Flight Daily News are no exception.

Adobe is at the show for the first time demonstrating how it is finding new software applications for use in technical publishing. It is targeting aerospace companies with the FrameMaker 5 package.

The US-based company believes that it can solve some of the problems which have beset companies which have to produce large-scale technical manuals.

The system, which is based around the Standard Generalised Mark-up Language (SGML), is designed to allow users to transfer and store information in a variety of mediums. These include electronic storage, transferral to CD ROM and onto the World Wide Web.

Adobe is already working with many big aviation players and their suppliers to integrate the system. The split at present between military and commercial operations is roughly 50/50.


Source: Flight Daily News