Europe's airlines and airports have agreed a common position on security and insurance issues in the run up to a possible war in the Middle East.

The Association of European Airlines (AEA) and ACI Europe, the European airports association, call for a "stable framework" for security and insurance measures in the event of a war or a terrorist attack.

The two organisations call for policies to be both "decisive" and "well-funded". Member states have been reluctant to provide funding for new security measures. The joint statement from the AEA and ACI Europe calls for;

member states to absorb the direct and indirect costs resulting from enhanced anti-terrorist security measures required in the wake of a war or terrorist attack. European governments, European Union bodies and industry to establish a working group to improve communication between the various agencies involved in anti-terrorist measures. The European Commission to take decisive action on third-party war and terrorism insurance, allowing European governments to step in until a viable, long-term solution can be found. ACI Europe director general Philippe Hamon says it is the "moral duty" of governments to provide a "coherent policy on terrorism".

Source: Airline Business