Aeroflot is intending to take a hard stance towards both Sukhoi and Boeing over delays to deliveries of the Superjet 100 and 787.

Deputy general director for finance and investment Shamil Kurmashov says the carrier is considering imposing penalties on both manufacturers.

Deliveries of Superjets to Aeroflot are due to begin in mid-December - two years behind the original schedule agreed with Sukhoi.

Kurmashov says: "There could be two aircraft [this year], but they will not be of the kind fully meeting our specifications. These will require further work to bring them up to standard."

Kurmashov does not elaborate, but sources familiar with the situation say Aeroflot's team in charge of aircraft acceptance has compiled a list of discrepancies between originally planned and actual technical characteristics of the Superjet 100.

These reportedly stem from a heavier-than-expected operating empty weight and ensuing need for higher engine thrust and fuel consumption.

Sukhoi's civil division senior vice-president Igor Syrtsov recently said the weight of the baseline Superjet 100 model had risen by 3t, but that this does not affect its fuel efficiency.

Kurmashov also spoke out over potential action against Boeing. The US airframer has rescheduled delivery of 20 787s, out of the 22 ordered by the carrier, to 2016 from 2014.

"Of course, we'll impose penalties," says Kurmashov, estimating the amount at around $100 million. "We're entitled to this right by the purchase agreement and may exercise it in certain circumstances, such as changes in delivery terms."

Source: Flight International