Russia's international airline Aeroflot is spending just over $6million to equip its 10 new Boeing 737-400s with an advanced Collins avionics suite from Rockwell's Avionics and Communications.

Each aircraft will be equipped with Collins comm/nav radios and sensors, forward looking windshear radar, a TCAS system and a Series 700 data link management system. The VHF transceivers offer 8.33kHz spacing (required in Europe by January 1999) while the TCAS system complies with the FAA's Change 7 requirements.

In addition, Rockwell's A&C is supplying Aeroflot with test equipment for use at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport.

This kit will be used to test the avionics systems flown on the airline's new aircraft, including B-737s; B-757s; B-767s; and Ilyushin Il-96 M/Ts.

Source: Flight Daily News