Aeromar Airlines' chief executive does not fear that air travel between the carrier's home nation Mexico and the USA will be negatively affected by policies of US president Donald Trump.

"We don't believe it is going to affect [air travel]," said Andres Fabre during the Routes Americas event in Las Vegas on 14 February.

"We fly over the wall," he adds. "We don't fly illegal aliens. Everyone that flies in an aircraft has a visa."

President Trump has insisted he will build a wall on the US-Mexico border so as to prevent migrants from illegally entering the USA.

Meanwhile, Aeromar has plans for expansion into the southern US.

Fabre predicts that trade between the countries, and therefore air travel, will remain strong.

"Business between Mexico and the US is long-established, it is deep, and it will continue growing," Fabre says. "There is nothing that can happen... that will stop air travel between our countries."

"I don't see any big challenges in the long term," he adds.

Still, Peter Cerda – IATA's regional vice-president for the Americas – says the US president's rhetoric and policy goals have left airlines somewhat "in limbo", waiting to see how relations between the countries will change under the Trump administration.

"We have a new sheriff in town in the US," Cerda says. "Many of his policies will have direct impacts on the rest of the region, and the world."

Source: Cirium Dashboard